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SigmaLine® Isolation Transformers / Power Conditioners

Are utilized when ...

1. Power line electrical noise severely disrupts equipment performance ........................ or
2. Electrical system ground loops create erratic system performance ........................ or
3. Electrical system Ground Noise causes unstable equipment performance

Severe performance disruption requiring Isolating Transformers occurs most often in situations where several (or many) data processing stations are inter-connected .

As an example, consider a retail store where Point of Sale (POS) equipment connects to a central office computer. Manufacturing or Laboratory problem sites are also common.

Ancillary heavy-duty electrical devices, such as air conditioners or motorized machinery, usually cause or exacerbate the problem.

Excessive ground noise is most often caused by incorrect of defective socket or electrical wiring. Heavy-duty equipment operating current may be caused to route through the ground wire instead of the system "neutral”. Equipment will usually operate satisfactorily, but a voltage is generated on the ground circuit which often disrupts low level equipment such as cash registers, scanners, ATM machines and so on. An isolation transformer usually isolates ground noise from equipment powered through the transformer.

Although moderately expensive, low power Isolation Transformers / Power Conditioners at the site, or sites, experiencing the problem are usually more cost effective and convenient than attempting to isolate the high power devices suspected of causing the problem.

Occasionally, the offending machinery will cause both power line interference and a Power Line voltage drop, which seriously disrupts equipment performance. In such instances a Power Line Regulator-Isolator-Conditioner may be required to provide isolation from Power Line ground, control ground loops, eliminate line interference, control harmonic generation and restore line voltage to a suitable operating level.

Industrial, Testing and Commercial situations develop which require a Variable Isolated Voltage source. To meet this need, Electronic Specialists have designed variations of the Isolation Transformer, which incorporates Adjustable Voltage output. Check 'em out.

ISOLATOR Isolation Transformer
The Isolator provides excellent AC line protection that is ideal for telecom and point of sale (cash register) applications where an isolated ground is essential. It efficiently transforms your unreliable and potentially dangerous commercial power into a safe computer grade electrical current, eliminating the need for costly dedicated lines. The Isolator also provides excellent noise rejection, especially at low frequencies where line noise is difficult to control.

The Isolator's efficient operation generates much less heat than expensive, Ferro resonant devices. Each unit features a resettable, external circuit breaker, superior line noise rejection and a "Faraday Shield" design for true isolation.

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