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Leading Designers & Manufacturers Of Transformers, Auto Transformer, Magnetic Amplifiers, Magnetic Reactors, Linear Reactors, Control Transformers, Power Transformers, Buck-Boost Transformers, Chokes, Constant Voltage Transformer, Voltage Regulator Transformer, Thane, India

We are glad to introduce ourselves as one of the leading designers & manufacturers of MAGNETICS for last 25 years, in variety of ratings, shapes and sizes:
•  Control Transformers, Single & Three phase (Power and Communication)
•  Power Transformers, Single & Three phase
•  Three Phase to Two/ single Phase transformers (LeBlanc/ Scott/ Open delta)
•  Solenoid Coils
•  AC and DC Filter Chokes (designed and built to suite application)
•  Constant Voltage Transformers (CVT), Single phase upto 5 KVA And 3 phase upto 15     KVA
•  Ultra Isolation Transformers
•  Magnetic amplifiers/ Saturable Reactors for various applications.
•  Variable Reactors
•  Swinging chokes (Non Saturable), with/ without controls
•  High Frequency Transformers and Chokes (SMPS/ Inverters etc.)
•  Low loss/ Efficient transformers in amorphous material
•  Inverter grade transformers, with/ without built in choke
•  Chokes for Power Factor control and PFC networks.
•  High speed Cobalt based switching magnetic amplifiers
•  Line and commutation Chokes and networks for Inverters/ Drives
•  DI/DT Chokes for Power Devices.
We have design capability to design and build magnetics for your electronic circuits. Our motto is to design as per specifications/ or as per your design and produce equipment to give you a cost/ quality optimal solution.
Our design capabilities are mainly in Power and Power Electronics areas:
•  Selection of appropriate Topology of Power Converter
•  Computation and modeling of power devices and control in conjunction with the     magnetic components.
•  Design of Magnetic components for various PWM waveforms.
•  Harmonic analysis and appropriate filter design.
•  Magnetics designed to support specific impedance criterion.
•  Design of Resonant Networks, and stability analysis.
•  Design of Magnetics with controlled leakage reactance.
Contact us for your entire Transformer and Magnetic component needs
Your own Design Engineer will work with you

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